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The Complete Review Guide,
for State & National Examinations In Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork
7th Edition - 2014

With Text & Sample Questions
The Complete Review Guide was first published in 1995.  It is a thorough synopsis of the essential reference material needed to successfully prepare for state and national license or certification examinations in therapeutic massage and bodywork. Included in the Tips for Successful Test Taking section are strategies for learning, coping with test anxiety, and conquering the multiple-choice test. It contains more than 256 pages of detailed information, concisely organized into chapters that correspond with the specific exam content outlines presented by every state and national examination.  Following each chapter are pertinent multiple-choice review questions.   The 7th Edition contains updated exam content outlines for the states of New York & Hawaii, the FSMTB (MBLEx), and the NCETMB & NCETM. There are new questions added and a new format to help students study for the specific exam they are taking.  We updated the information so it is the current data needed to successfully pass these exams.  The author suggests that only an atlas of musculoskeletal anatomy and a medical dictionary are needed as supplementary material when using the Complete Review Guide to prepare for standardized examinations.
By: Barron & Reynolds
ISBN# 978-0-9711926-90
Price $32.95

Hydrotherapy Theory & Technique
4th Edition

This textbook was first published in 1995 to satisfy the need for a modern comprehensive science-based textbook on hydrotherapy. It includes chapters on the History of Hydrotherapy, Theory of Hydrotherapy, Thermodynamics, Properties of Water, Human Anatomy and Physiology, Temperature Regulation, Physiological Effects of Hydrotherapy, Therapeutic Techniques and Procedures, Spa Techniques, Basic Guidelines for Hydrotherapy, Hyperthermia, and Heliotherapy.  Each technique is discussed in detail with regard to Description, Rationale, Equipment Needed, Procedural Steps, Indications, and Contraindications  It contains more than 212 pages of detailed information and over 200 photos and illustrations.  The 4th Edition (published 2010) is still the definitive textbook on Hydrotherapy and now includes expanded materials, an inclusive Bibliography, Footnoted References, an extensive Review of Currently Published Peer-Reviewed Scientific Research, and a Resource Directory.
By: Patrick Barron, N MD
ISBN# 978-0-9711926-69
Price $32.95


The Illustrated Atlas of Muscoloskeletal Anatomy
2nd Edition

The Illustrated Atlas is in its 2nd edition and is a comprehensive anatomy textbook. It includes sections on: body planes and anatomical terms, classification of bones and joints, muscle fiber patterns and types, detailed original illustrations of muscular components with origin, insertion, action, innervation, and relationship. There are over 200 hand-drawn illustrations.
By: Patrick Barron, N MD
ISBN# 978-0-9711926-52
Price $29.95


The Practical Guide to Muscoloskeletal Assessment
1st Edition

This text is designed to be a concise tableside reference for massages therapists working in clinical settings.  It presents in a clear fashion many of the commonly accepted procedures used in the assessment of musculoskeletal complaints containing more than 76 pages of information and over 150 illustrations and photos. The text includes chapters detailing the general Assessment Process, Ranges of Motion, and Common Complaints and Specialized Tests associated with all of the major body regions.  Each Specialized Test is discussed in great detail with regard to Client Position, Therapist Position, Test Procedure, and Test Results with interpretation.  Indications and contraindications for testing are also discussed as well as guidelines for referral.
By: Elaine Czerw, L.M.T., R.N., M.S.
ISBN# 978-0-9711926-76
Price $18.95


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